Moriya Beach 守谷海岸

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General Break Information
Moriya Beach and neighboring Ubara beach are ranked in the top 50 nicest beaches in Japan.
The train runs right along the coast and there is a stop right at the beach. It has been a favorite of Tokyo beach goers for a long time and in the summer most of the accommodation is booked months and months in advance.

Both beaches are horse shoe shaped bays with clean white sand and beautiful green water. In the summer months it is great to put up an umbrella and enjoy a hot sunny summers day as the snorkeling and swimming is superb. The usual beach houses are up and serving drinks and food and providing some shelter if it gets too hot.

Surf: Both beaches are open to the South and are very protected. When the rest of Chiba is closed out and everyone is fighting for a wave at the couple of Big wave reefs these beaches can break in the waist to head high range. Need a large South swell (usually Typhoons).
The Moriya wave breaks inside the small island in the center of the beach and can be a 50 meter right hand wave. It starts off slopy and pick up as it crosses over the rock reef and flattens out coming back over sand.
The Yubara beach wave breaks on the sandy beach is a number of different places and long-boarders seems to really like it.
You can see what a great summers day looks like in the video section of this page, one of our staff was there on a perfect August day.

Access: Via the Express to Ichihara Exit on the Tateyama highway then take route 297 straight across to Katsuura, Chiba. at the coast turn left to go to Hebara (3 km) or right to the south and these beaches (5 km)
Round trip from Tokyo: Weekend (50%) road tolls, return trip ¥3000. Distance, return trip is about 240km.

Best Tide: All tides
Best Swell Direction: South
Best Size: 3 (waist to head)
Best Wind: North
Perfect-O-Meter:   3 (1= 1 ft wind slop; 10 = G-Land)
Bottom:  Reef and Sand
Access: Car or Train 
Crowd Factor:  2 (1 = Pipeline in Summer; 10 = Tokyo 
Local Vibe: No locals
Water Quality1 (1=clean; 10=turds in the lineup)
Food:  Beach side restaurants

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Banzi Wipe out September 25th 2010 Moriya Chiba Japan

A huge wipe out - going over the falls.
A great Gambaru wild ride - he takes a pounding and come up smiling

25th September 2010 Moriya Typhoon Session. - Taken by Surfing In Japan Staff - Summer beach scenes Taken by Surfing In Japan Staff - Summer beach scenes Taken by Surfing In Japan Staff - Summer beach scenes

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Moriya Beach

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Moriya Beach August 21st 2010

Moriya Typhoon 25th September 2010

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